The Great Exchange: Linn Summer Promotion 2017

Summer is here and so is the eagerly awaited Linn Summer Promotion and it’s a good one…!   Read on to find out more and you might be able to save upto £2000 off your next Hi-Fi upgrade!

The era of the CD player is over: Sales of CD’s fell by over 10% while streaming saw a 68% rise over the same period last year.

8 years ago Linn were the first company in the Hi-Fi industry to stop making CD players and it has come time for them to end service support on all Linn CD players still out “in the wild” but, never fear, Linn want to reward their customers for their loyalty and commitment to the brand by offering a very generous trade in on your Linn CD player or pre-amplifier against any Majik, Akurate or Klimax product so you can move over to the amazing sound of streaming, rip and play your existing CD’s, enjoy internet radio and get the most from the highest “Studio Master” resolution music that’s available.

Linn have announced another fantastic summer promotion, possibly the best yet….
From 3rd July until 31st August you can trade in ANY Linn legacy CD player or Pre-Amplifier and get a huge discount off a new Majik, Akurate or Klimax level DS, DSM, Amplifiers, Exaktbox, Speakers or Pre-configured Akurate or Klimax LP12 Turntables.

You will get the following values off any qualifying products.

£500 off Majik Level
£1000 off Akurate Level
£2000 off Klimax Level

This means that a Linn Wakonda pre-amp could save you £1000 off a new Akurate DSM pre-amp that will give you internet radio, streaming, the ability to play Studio Master level music, digital/HDMI inputs and Exakt link outputs if you wanted to upgrade your speakers at a later date. This offer is really one not to be missed, to put it in perspective, if you sold your Linn Wakonda on eBay, fully working in near mint condition, the most you would expect would be about £399 (Before eBay take their cut!)

The current range of Linn DSM units are listed below  to show you how much you could save and this is the reason you should act now!

Linn Majik DSM              (integrated amp/streamer)                         £2965

Linn Majik DS                  (Streamer)                                                            £1990

Linn Akurate DS            (Streamer)                                                            £5150

Linn Akurate DSM         (Pre-Amp/Streamer + Exakt)                     £6350

Linn Klimax DS                (Reference level Streamer)                         £15,800

Linn Klimax DSM             (Reference Pre-Amp/Streamer)              £18,900


Get in touch now and we can show you any of the range from Linn, we are happy to compare against your existing unit in our demo room and show you how much you can save on your next upgrade.

All the Linn DS/DSM products also come with Space Optimisation technology to allow full calibration of your system to your own room so that your Linn will sound the best it possibly can. Click the Space Optimisation link below to find out more.

Linn Space Optimisation

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