Linn: 45 years of making everything sound better

Get 10% off any new Linn product!

This summer, trade in your legacy Linn product and get 10% off a new Linn product!
(Offer valid until 27th August 2018)


Something for everyone
From sources to speakers this is a perfect time to take the next step on the journey towards the ultimate musical performance, thanks to Linn’s latest technologies including Katalyst and Exakt.

Whether you are upgrading your old Komri loudspeakers or moving on from a Sondek CD12 CD player to a Klimax DSM network player this offer is for you!

For more information on this promotion and an interesting look at the History of the Linn product line, visit Linn’s website .


If you are interested in this offer, please get in contact with us (01233 624441 /

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