Linn “Power of 3” Summer offers.

Upgrade your music system this summer with the help of our three powerful offers, available from now until 15th August.

Every separates system benefits from more channels of amplification and our +2 channels offer makes it easier to upgrade, from bi-amping all the way to Exakt.

Plus if you already own a Klimax or Akurate network music player, we have two fantastic ways for you to enjoy even better sound at home.

Browse our summer offers below and contact us to find out more.


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Linn Klimax Renew DS

Klimax DS to DSM With Exakt

The integration and performance benefits offered by Klimax DSM, along with the recent addition of Exakt Links, makes the move to Klimax DSM a compelling one for Klimax DS owners.

With this in mind, we developed an upgrade package for Klimax DS owners that swaps their Klimax DS board for DSM boards inside their existing DS case, and reuses the old DS board in a Renew DS to create a second player.

There are several key performance benefits to upgrading to an integrated Klimax DSM from separate DS and Kontrol:

  • Cable loss is eliminated thanks to the internal digital connection between the DS source and the pre-amp
  • Switching loss no longer occurs as this is now performed losslessly in the digital domain
  • The digital volume control has a lower noise floor than the analogue volume control in the Klimax Kontrol
  • External digital sources benefit from the Klimax quality internal DACs
  • When you connect an analogue source, it is passed through the same analogue volume control design as the Klimax Kontrol, plus it benefits from reduced interference due to the addition of transformer isolation.